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Super show weekend in Kempele, RU*Unicum Lucifer BIS both days

Last weekend 1.7 – 2.7.2017 was wonderful for every Moggi cat and Super for RU * Unicum Lucifer.

This weekend was his last in young ones. Saturday Lupsu won it all, Ex1, best of variety, judge Minna Krogh nominated him to best in show and finally Lupsu won BIS with all votes. Other nominated cats were maine coons too, so there was bunch of super coon teenagers that day in Kempele.

Sunday he was Ex 1 and judge Caroline Stoa nominated him to best in show, and finally he was BIS votes 2/1 having same group of teenagers against him as saturday.  Steward presented our sweet baby so beautifully, Thank You very much for that.


This picture is taken by Tessa on 1.7.2017 Best in show

We had baby FI*Moggi Ginger Ale a Jakta Est aka Vicky on show too. What a lovely show girl she is. She had Ex 1 both days and sunday, after very exiting wait when judge Veikko Saarela was choosing his kitten to nominate, Vicky was told to be second best of four kittens. Wonderful Norwegian forest cat won that battle.


New Moggi Champion

On Kempele Moggi Essi Kabanossi became Champion and they both Moggi Dry Marttiini and Essi Kabanossi got one more CACIB. Big congratulations to Sirkka and girls.


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    Hienoa Marita. Onnea teille.



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