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Our Maine Coons / Omat mirrit

Tällä sivulla on esitelty kissalemmikkimme ulkomaan sanoilla.



Supreme Champion FI*Moggi Carpe Dajm ( MCO n 03 24), friends and family call her ”Korppu”

Korppu was born 3.12.2013. This lady is something else and everything. Gorgeous, large female maine coon, brave and easy to deal with. This lady is intelligent and very talkative. Her favourite thing to do is sleep under cover.


Picture above has taken Tessa at POROK cats show 7. of July 2018.


Picture above we took after she became Supreme Champion on Norway 3.6.2018. Lady was Best In Variety and Nominated to Best In Show both days.

Health info

Her heartscreening result was normal 25.5.2016. She is tested negative for FeLV and FIV and SMA result is N/N, HCM MCO/A31P result is HCM MCO/A31P/N and PK Def N/N.

Link to Omakissa public record

Pedigree Pawpeds


FI* Moggi Jam Balaya (MCO f 03 24) for friends and family she is ” Lilo Limppu”.


Moggi Jam Balaya

FI* Moggi Jam Balaya ( 6 months in this pic)

This female was born 21.12.2017. She is brave and beautiful kitten who has qute face. Hope to see her in breeding, but future we know more.





Grand International Champion FI* ZiBaZoon Dominus Maximus (MCO n), for friends and family he is ”Pastilli”.


Pastilli was born 11.1.2016. He moved to our home 11.4.2016. We love his look and nature very much. He has grown big and strong male. Thank you  very much Leena for this lovely boy.

On picture above he is two year and fife months old.

These pictures have taken Tessa on catshow 2.7.2016. Pastilli was 5 month young.

Health tests, everything is ok. Pastilli was relaxed young man on the table 27.1.2017 while veterinarian Outi Niemelä was doing heartscreening for him. Result was normal. His HD valuation from OFA is GOOD. He is HCM negative by his parents.

Link to Omakissa public record

Pedigree Pawpeds

Grand International Champion RU* Unicum Lucifer (MCO d 09 22) for family and friends he is ”Lupsu”
Lupsu has born 3.9.2016. Adorable look and what amazing temper. This boy is ”smooth operator”. He is already  huge and strong boy with great look. Thank You very much Anna for trusting him to us.
Showresults: BIS x 4, NOM for BIS x 10 and BIV x 7. 
GIC RU Unicum Lucifer
Picture above almost 2-years old.


Health tests, everything is ok.

FI* Moggi Kizz-Kizz

Our youngest boy is Moggi Kizz-Kizz. He was born 8.3.2018 and he was already booked to my friend, but there was a female kitten who wanted to move there more :). After realizing that this male kitten is getting big and strong, we decided that he stays. I just want to see him getting adult. We’ll see what future brings to him.




Age 4 months and 3 week

Kizz 5 month.jpg

age 5 month

Pedigree- Sukutaulu



Couple of queens and one young male are enjoying their lives with our friends. See more of them here  Fosterhome /Sijoituksessa




Grand International Champion FI*Moggi Cate Pilleri ( MCO ns 03 24), for family and friends she is ” Lettu”

Lettu was born 3.12.2013. This Maine Coon girl is like princess, both looks and temper, but her body, bones and muscular are strong. She is shy and so kind that can’t hurt even a fly. She does not like to go on cat shows that’s why we have decided that now after having title GIC she don’t have to.

Moggi Cate Pilleri

In this picture above she is two years old.


Health info

Her hipjoints has OFA valued as Good, her heartscreenin result was normal 25.5.2016. She is tested negative for FeLV and FIV and SMA, HCM MCO/A31P results are N/N. Suomen kissaliitto ry (finnish FIFe member) has public record in which you can find results of health tests. These informations  has been checked and they are totally reliable and official when there exists date of confirmation.

Link to Omakissa public record

Pedigree Pawpeds


International Champion FI* Moggi Fanni Sapuska (MCO n 09 24) 

Fanni misfortune, but very loved treasure of our cattery. Unfortunately her hipjoint’s were not good enough to be used in breeding. We got her when Carpe Dajm got her first kitten 24.3.2016. Fanni was the only one. Her father was CH Honey Devil My Black Bear. Fanni is medium-sized super beautiful fluffy tailed female and lovely combination of her parents. Home she is brave purring machine, who is active and joyful. On cat shows, she hates to be on judges table.


IC FI* Moggi Fanni Sapuska (age 2 years and 3 month)

Fanni Face

FI* Moggi Fanni Sapuska (age 7 weeks)

Health tests;  Fanni is first of our cats who is DNA tested for pyruvate kinase deficency ( PK deficiency) and result was  N/N. Her heart and kidney screening result was normal 18.4.2017.  Her other hipjoint was not good enough for breeding. This promising princess is now promising neuter.

Link to Omakissa public record

Pedigree Pawpeds


FIN*Aurinkoiloa Rosalia Deanna (MCO f 23 ), we call her ”Pösö”

Pösö was born 12.12.2007. Pösö is unchallenged queen of the house. We have many times heard her telling to others “Sssshhhhh!! I’m the boss”.  Hugs and big thanks to Kati for this dear cat. Pösö is mother of Pitko.

Pösön profiili

Grandmother Pösö


FIN*Moggi Brät Pitko, (MCO n 09 23)

Pitko was born 5.5.2009. Pitko is son of Pösö and he is father of our females Korppu and Lettu. Pitko has never been on catshow. I have not managed to wash him. He is stubborn and tough, but very loving.

pitko whatisthis

In this picture Pitko is 6 years old.





CH HoneyDevil My Black Bear, we called him ”Laku”, Siperian Lakritsimme

Laku was born 2.1.2015. He was The amazing character. You just could not help falling in love with him. Unfortunately 1.2.2016 we lost him malpractice of anaphylaxis after having vaccinations. There are no words to describe the amount of grief and disappointment we felt. Laku mated with our Korppu just two weeks before. His memory lives now on his only kitten, our treasure FI* Moggi Fanni Sapuska.  Big thanks to Julia for Laku and all the joy we had with this cat. We would happily had so much more time with him.

Siperian lakritsi ikä 6 kk

Laku 8 viikon iässä.


FIN* Huvituulen Asmund, we called him ”Arttu”

Arttu was my second Maine Coon and father of A-kittens. He was dashing and super gorgeous male with extra huge hair.



CH FIN*Huvikummun Maine Ideaali, we called her ”Demi”.

Over 20 years ago it started. Demi was my first Maine Coon and she was mother of A-kittens. She was a dream came true. Super lovely natured and very beautiful female.





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