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International Champion FI*Moggi Ginger Ale a Jakta Est, for friends and family she is Vicky, Vikkan, Kiki (MCO n 03 22)

This girl charmed me from very first moment when she was born. She is super happy and innovative creature who thinks that whole world exists for her. She is also strong and powerful female.

With big interest we are waiting future. She lives with my dear  friends and couple dogs in our home town with Hetta.

Viccan kesä

Pawpeds – Sukutaulu



International Champion FI*Moggi Ice Dream,  for friends and family she is Hetta, Hemuli (MCO ns 09 22)


From combination GIC FI* Moggi Cate Pilleri and GIC FI* ZiBaZoon Dominus Maximus I hoped female with this color.  My fortune was that Hetta has other great qualities too. We love this shy girl. She is beautiful ice princess.



She lives with Viccan and today these half cousins are best friends. Hetta has one kitten. We hope to have more kittens as beautiful and qute as Lolli Pop is.


Champion FI* Moggi Jam Balaya (MCO f 03 24) for friends and family she is ”Jamppa”.


This female was born 21.12.2017. She is brave, strong and beautiful tortie who has qute face. Her health tests are done and everything is fine. Jamppa lives with Iida and Ville in my home town and there is also Lamu and Katsu.


Link to Omakissa public record




FI* Moggi Kara Melli (MCO f 03 24) for friends and family she is Smirre

This young female is beautiful purring machine (and loud as fire truck, if needed). She lives with super lovely family here in our home town. She has option to be used in breeding if her health tests are ok.



Champion FI* Moggi Kamo Milla ( MCO f 03 22) for friends and family she is Kerttuli

This young lady is sweet as sugar. She lives with my dear friend in Tampere. If everything goes fine we might have her kittens some day in future. Her health tests are all fine.




Lamú SilLynx (MCO n 09) for friends and family she is Lamu.

This female was born 10.5.2018 in Italy.  I must say that Faith came on our path while I was spending time in FB. Suddenly I saw this extremely beautiful face. I had spend long time looking for female with solid color and there She was, looking at me. I contacted immediately to Silvia, and soon I was travelling to Venice. Thank You so much dear Silvia for trusting this lovely jewel to us. Lamú is not only beautiful but also active purring machine, who loves everybody. Lamú lives with Jamppa, Katsu, Iida and Ville in our hometown.


Link to Omakissa public record
















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