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Ladyt – Females

Supreme Champion FI* Moggi Jam Balaya (MCO f 03 24) for friends and family she is ”Jamppa”.

This female is born on 21.12.2017. She is a brave, big and beautiful tortie who has cute face. Her health tests are done and everything is fine. She lives with my dear friend Kirsi and her family and keeps company to Mirkku.

Omakissa, Kissaliiton rekisteri



International Champion Moggi Nonparelli Elli (MCO f 09 24) for friends and family she is Noppa

Noppa is born on 29.7.2019 she is brave and beautiful and hopefully, the mother of future Moggi kittens. She has the most beautiful eyes and an intense look. Noppa lives with Ammi and her family near Kajaani. Health tests are all fine, except the left hip has minor dysplastic changes, right is normal.

Omakissa, Kissaliiton rekisteri



Supreme Champion Moggi OrWokki JW DVM (MCO g 09 22) for friends and family she is Etna

This lovely girl is born on 4.9.2019. She is a wonderful combination of her parents Lamú and Lupsu.  Etna is super super strong female, with a broad chest and she has a very dense huge coat. Her head has the shape to die for. Very curious to see what the future will bring to her. Hopefully, we see her having Moggi kittens someday. Her health tests are all fine. Etna lives as a companion to Hetta and Viccan.





International Champion Moggi SamppaAnja for friends and family Samppa

Samppa is black beauty out of GIC FI* ZiBaZoon Dominus Maximus and FI* Ameliinan Cinnamon. She is born at 11.5.2020 and we decided she stays. She is totally healthy and super beautiful.

She lives with a loving family Satu & co and Moggi Nekku the Numa.




FI Ameliinan Kinuski for friends and family she is Ursula

Ursula is from Ameliinan cattery. A special girl who hopefully will be part of Moggi family. Health tests are all fine except for the left hip which is according to OFA has mild dysplastic changes. She is a young and developing girl. Thank you Sari for this cute girl who has amazing strong boning. Ursula is living with Susanna and her family keeping company to Veera.

Omakissa, kissaliiton rekisteri



FI Moggi Vadelma Veera for friends and family she is Veera

Veera is one of my favorite girls because she has a wonderful temper. Another young and promising girl who hopefully will be part of Moggi family. Her health tests are all fine. Veera is living with Susanna and her family and Ursula.

Omakissa, Kissaliiton rekisteri


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