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International Champion FI*Moggi Ice Dream,  for friends and family she is Hetta, Hemuli (MCO ns 09 22)

From combination GIC FI* Moggi Cate Pilleri and GIC FI* ZiBaZoon Dominus Maximus I hoped female with this color.  My fortune was that Hetta has other great qualities too. We love this shy girl. She is beautiful ice princess and her health tests are fine. She lives with my dear friend Saara and her family here in Kajaani.




Ínternational Champion FI* Moggi Jam Balaya (MCO f 03 24) for friends and family she is ”Jamppa”.

This female was born 21.12.2017. She is brave, strong and beautiful tortie who has qute face. Her health tests are done and everything is fine. She lives with my dear friend Kirsi and her family.

Link to Omakissa public record



FI* Moggi Kara Melli (MCO f 03 24) for friends and family she is Mirkku

This young female was born 8.3.2018. She is beautiful purring machine (and loud as fire truck, if needed). Her health tests are fine. She also lives with Kirsi and her family.




Ameliinan Cinnamon (MCO f 09) for friends and family she is Kaneli.

This beautiful tortie was born 25.11.2018. She is big girl with lovely temper. Kaneli lives today with Katariina family and has there two Moggi girls as companion.  Thank You dear Sari so much for trusting Kaneli to us. Her health test are all fine.




Champion Moggi Nonparelli Elli (MCO f 09 24) for friends and family she is Noppa

Noppa was born 29.7.2019 she is brave and beautiful,  hopefully mother of future Moggi kittens. Noppa lives with Ammi and her family near Kajaani. Health tests are all fine, except left hip has minor dysplastic changes, right is normal.



Champion Moggi OrWokki JW (MCO g 09 22) for friends and family she is Etna

This lovely girl was born 4.9.2019. She is wonderful combination out of her parents Lamú and Lupsu. Very curious to see what future will bring to her. Hopefully we see her having Moggi kittens some day. Etna lives as companion to Hetta and Viccan.


Her health tests are all fine.



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