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Kollit – Males

Grand International Champion FI* Moggi Kizz-Kizz ( MCO ns 09 24) for friends and family he is ”Napero”

Napero is born 8.3.2018 and he was already booked to my friend, but there was a female kitten who wanted to move there more :). After realizing that this male kitten is getting big and strong, we decided that he stays. He is a healthy male with a super nice temper. He enjoys his life with Marita and her family. 

Napero tarhassa


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Pedigree in Pawpeds


Champion FI* Moggi Sikuri Sakari ( MCO n) for friends and family he is Kilju

This black panther is born 11.5.2020. He is son of Pastilli and Kaneli. He is a handsome, strong, and super kind big black male who loves to be kissed and hugged every day. His health tests are fine, his right hip is according to OFA Mild.

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Pedigree in Pawpeds


Berkano Shuki (MCO n 25) from Spain, for family and friends he is Hösö(Jose)

Shuki is born 5.2.2021. He is a dream for Moggi future. Biggest thank’s to Raquel Serrano Ruiz for trusting this super lovely male to me. Can not thank Raquel enough, we had a nice time together, everything was just fine. Shuki is a bit related to our Fanni and her father which makes me extra happy. He is otherwise a healthy male but his hips could be better.

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Ecliptic Griffin (MCO n 09 22) for friends and family he is Hiivatti

Hiivatti is born on 29.3.2020 to Silvia Sabatini´s cattery. We had spoken earlier that a male kitten from her, would be welcome to my cattery. And one day he was here. Lovely temper and big frames. While planning his trip to Finland, he turned out to be registered to Ecliptic instead of SilLynx. So thank You both, Silvia and Thea Majkus very much for this cooperated sweet boy. He has been tested healthy.

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Pedigree in PawPeds

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