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International Champion FI* Moggi Fanni Sapuska (MCO n 09 24) aka Fanni Vanni

Fanni is very much loved treasure of our cattery. We got her when Carpe Dajm got her first kitten 24.3.2016. Fanni was the only one. Her father was CH Honey Devil My Black Bear. Fanni is medium-sized super beautiful fluffy tailed female and lovely combination of her parents. Home she is brave purring machine, who is active and joyful. On cat shows, she hates to be on judges table.


IC FI* Moggi Fanni Sapuska (age 2 years and 3 month)

Fanni Face

FI* Moggi Fanni Sapuska (age 7 weeks)

Health tests;  Fanni is first of our cats who is DNA tested for pyruvate kinase deficency ( PK deficiency) and result was  N/N. Her heart and kidney screening result was normal 18.4.2017.  Her other hipjoint was not good enough for breeding. This promising princess is now promising neuter.

Link to Omakissa public record

Pedigree Pawpeds


FIN*Moggi Brät Pitko, (MCO n 09 23)

Pitko was born 5.5.2009. Pitko is son of Pösö and he is father, grand father and great grand father etc. of many Moggi cats. Pitko has never been on catshow. I have not managed to wash him. He is stubborn and tough, but very loving.

Brät Pitko 12-vee


Grand International Champion FI* ZiBaZoon Dominus Maximus (MCO n), for friends and family he is ”Pastilli”.

Pastilli was born 11.1.2016. He moved to our home 11.4.2016. We love his look and nature very much. He has grown big and strong male. Thank you very much Leena for this lovely male.


On picture above he is two year and fife months old.

Health tests, everything is ok. Pastilli was relaxed young man on the table 27.1.2017 while veterinarian Outi Niemelä was doing heart screening for him. Result was normal. Also 2019 result was normal. His HD valuation from OFA is GOOD. He is HCM negative by his parents.

Link to Omakissa public record

Pedigree Pawpeds


Grand International Champion FI* Moggi Kimi Räiskäle ( MCO n 03 24) for friends and family he is Nöpö

Kimi is brother to Kizz-Kizz. He is mister cool nerve and love boy. Amazing curiosity and at the same time calm, what ever comes ahead.  Mister super coat lives with darlings Elisa and Joonas among Titi and Pipa. His health is also fine.


Age 6 month in this picture, Best In Show kitten, Luuleå Sweden 16.9.2018.

Nöpö 2



Supreme Champion RU* Unicum Lucifer (MCO d 09 22) for family and friends he is ”Lupsu”

Lupsu was born 3.9.2016. Adorable look and what amazing temper. He is genuine This male is ”smooth operator”. He is strong and he has great look. Thank You very much Anna for trusting him to us.  Lupsu has beautiful and kind babies. He brings sun everywhere he goes. His addiction to hug another males in the house was the reason he moved to enjoy his retirement with Tuula and Juhani.  Others were not so keen on about it. It is something that runs in family because same reason we find own servants to his son Napero(Kizz-Kizz).    

Health tests, everything is fine.

Link to Omakissa public record



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