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Muistoissamme – Passed away


Pösö, FIN*Aurinkoiloa Rosalia Deanna (MCO f 23 )

Pösö was born 12.12.2007. We lost her 6.7.2020. Pösö was the unchallenged queen of the house. We many times heard her telling to others “Sssshhhhh!! I’m the boss”.  Hugs and big thanks to Kati for this dear cat. Pösö is mother of Pitko. She is the reason why today any Moggi cats still exist. I had given up my hobby as a breeder long time ago, but when she developed so classic beauty and excellent in type, I just had to find her male.

Pösön profiili

Moggi Nektari Nestori aka Nestori

Nestori was born 29.07.2019. This baby was super sweet and very promising boy.  Fight games with his siblings turned out to be his destiny. When he was just a kitten, one day I noticed that he had infected area near balls, vetenarian found there bite mark.  He was treated and he became well, but soon we noticed that his urine had started came through spontaniously and peeing was never normal after that accident.  Worst part was that this ”open route” caused him repeatedly infections. During infections he also had pain while urinating. Examinations and laboratory tests did not find cure for him. Trauma had damaged something permanently. 19.3.2020 age of 7 months he had again symptoms which I knew were sing that he was soon getting worse. One of the most sad things for us was to be forced to give up waiting miracle to happen for beautiful Nestori.

CH HoneyDevil My Black Bear, we called him ”Laku”, Siperian Lakritsimme

Laku was born 2.1.2015. He was The amazing character. You just could not help falling in love with him. Unfortunately 1.2.2016 we lost him malpractice of mild anaphylaxis after having vaccinations. There are no words to describe the amount of grief and disappointment we felt. Laku mated with our Korppu just two weeks before. His memory lives now on his only kitten, our treasure FI* Moggi Fanni Sapuska.  Big thanks to Julia for Laku and all the joy we had with this cat. We would happily have so much more time with him.

Siperian lakritsi ikä 6 kk

Laku 8 viikon iässä.


FIN* Huvituulen Asmund, we called him ”Arttu”

Arttu was born 21.11.1996, he was my second Maine Coon and father of A-kittens. He was dashing and super gorgeous male with extra huge hair.


CH FIN*Huvikummun Maine Ideaali, we called her ”Demi”.

Demi was born 19.11.1995, my first Maine Coon and she was mother of A-kittens. She was a dream came true. Super lovely and very beautiful female.

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