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Grooms and bride of our cats / Sulhot ja morsmaikut

Grooms and bride page you will be introduced Maine Coon cats who are behind our Moggi cats. They have been studs or like Muusa and Nelli first our lady, but later moved to her foster home.

Groom of litter B. EC Luna-Purr Corleone Coonzales (MCO n 09 22) “Tikru”. 

Pösö had one short and very loud romance with huge and handsome EC Luna-Purr Corleone Coonzales “Tikru”. I had earlier decided that if there’s going to be male kittens, one will be left home. There was, and awesome one we got, FI*Moggi Brät Pitko.

Luna-Purr Corleone Coonzales( Tikru)

Luna-Purr Corleone Coonzales( Tikru) om. Katja Hintikka





Bride of litter C. Krysos Baby Jane (MCO ns 09 22) “Muusa”

Mother of our C-littery is Krysos Baby Jane, called Muusa. We got for her foster home from Laura in very beginning. She is in bride category because our jealousy “Mother in law” Pösö did not accept this gorgeous lady at all to our group. One of her sweet babies Moggi Cara Melli, moved to live as companion to her mother and two girls we decided to leave home.

Krysos Baby Jane

Krysos Baby Jane



Groom of litter D. Alwaro Admiral (MCO as 22), ”Amiraali”.

Amiraali came to visit and did the job. This lovely male behaved like a professional. He treated our princess well and with dignity. I gave him lift to home and after 65 days of mating, we got kittens. One or two with fathers appearance. Moggi Dry Marttiini was left to be in our breeding program.

PL* Alwaro Admiral om. Minna Toivonen Krysos

PL* Alwaro Admiral om. Minna Toivonen, Krysos



Groom of litter E. PL* IC Aspenville Farmer (MCO n 22), ”Kössi”

Kössi came to visit Lettu on the my way back home from cat show from Seinäjoki 9-10.1.2016. After a while he started to talk nice things to our girl. Next saturday we gave them change to mate and they got four lovely kittens 23.3.2016. Kössi is huge, muscular boy with very loving and tender nature. He is clever and can open zippers of boxes.


PL* IC Aspenville Farmer om. Leena Simonen, ZiBaZoon


Groom of litter G.  SC FI* Ameliinan Luna, ”Paavo Pentikäinen”

This huge and handsome Ameliinan Luna was originally planned to be fiance to Moggi Dry Marttiini. I had sudden idea when Moggi Carpe Dajm was in heat. These healthy, big ones should be mated. And what happened, super lovely boy and girl. Korppu’s and Paavo’s daughter Moggi Ginger Ale a Jakta Est stays in my breeding plans.


FI* SC Ameliinan Luna om. Sari Huuskonen, Ameliinan





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