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Winter and snow

Desided to write something in english for our friends who does not understand finnish. Pictures say everything in this post too.

Winter came to our home town Kajaani this year too, no surprise on that. Our Maine Coon girls Cate Pilleri alias Lettu and Carpe Dajm alias Korppu saw and felt snow properly first time in November 9 th.  We got about 20 centimeters snow. Before that it was like little frost on land.

Cat yard got some snow

Catyard got some snow

There was actually no big surprise to be seen when cats went out. They were so curious and could not resist even their own familiar yard seemed to have changed so weird looking. Offcourse some round eyes was seen at first.

Where have all moskitos gone? Not a single fly even?

Where have all moskitos gone? Not a single fly even?

Ever read Stephen Kings, The Shining? The roots of Maine Coon cat are in state of Maine. Coons coats should be “all weather coat” so in winter itself should not be nothing unbearable.

Some snowflake hunting was seen…

Where did it go?!?

Where did it go?!?

Some role-playing was in the air … I am the great snow leopard.

Be ware snowflake!

Be ware snowflake!

Quite soon they came in and were telling us stories about their wild experiences out there. Miijauu x 20 and so on … Maine Coon is talkaktive cat.  These days they spent litle time out at the time, but definitely more inside. In the end they are housecats who love warm.

Cate Pilleri

These cats can make a choise, coming in from cold…

when ever they want  to.

Some ones doesn’t.


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