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Kempele show in january

We had very funny and lovely weekend there. Moggi kittens had lot of excellent comments. Best of all were this weekend FI Moggi Ice Dream. She was Best In Variety on both days, and I must say that competition was not easy this time. Super gorgeous adult cats in group VIII. Her room mate Champion Moggi Ginger Ale a Jakta Est had EXcellent valuations from judges I respect. She got her CACIB-certification on both days. Now she has to travel if we want to continue going on cat shows.

Hetta 8 kk

Moggi Ice Dream ( 8 month)

Her sisters had fun having competition between each other on same group on Sunday. Winner and best in variety (kittens) was Moggi Iiris Kohvee. Everyone were Excellent, but only one can be winner.


Moggi Iiris Kohvee


Moggitytöt Kempeleessa tammikuu 2018.jpg

Here all IV sisters Moggi Iiris Kohvee, Moggi Imogene Kokakola ja Moggi Iida Rönttönen

Their father FI IC ZiBaZoon Dominus Maximus was BEST in SHOW breeding male on both days. He was only one in category II 😀 😀 and he was NOM for BIS on Saturday.


Our other young male got his GAGCIP certifications and RU* Unicum Lucifer became Grand International Champion.




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