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Champions Moggi Elvis Persilja ja Moggi Enor Mousse

As present of one year birthday, on KES-KIS catshow last sunday 26.3.2017 in Jyväskylä Moggi Elvis Persilja ja Moggi Enor Mousse became FIFe Champions. I am so proud both of them.

These boys are so gentle and so incredibly strong. They are just about becoming adult males who do not seem to understand their size. On cat show they behaved as gentlemen. They are so loving and sweet family members in their homes.


CH FI*Moggi Elvis Persilja




CH FI* Moggi Enor Mousse

Moggi Fanni Sapuska and Unicum Lucifer



Little Moggi Fanni Sapuska was not at all happy in cat show, but she got her very first certifications. We’ll see in future how long she will go on. It is hard to see her in that mood.


Our russian red, mister purring machine who likes everybody, RU* Unicum Lucifer was saturday NOMinated for BIS by Marie Rihova and sunday EX 1. He was very brave and qute. I’m not sure, but he maybe got one vote on saturday. Big Thank’s for  excellent steward.



RU* Unicum Lucifer on Best In Show



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  1. Marita Jansson sanoo:

    Wonderfull cats Really. I ’m so happy to See They be Fine in those competition.

    Lähetetty iPadista



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