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Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas

Some Christmas pictures 🙂

Meillä on pentuja

Iloksemme olemme saaneet maailmaan muutaman suloisen maine coon pennun.

Mikäli haaveilet Maine Coon pennusta, kirjoita meille

Koska pennut ovat meille hyvin rakkaita, haluamme niille parhaan mahdollisen kodin. Kerro siis itsestäsi, ja siitä mikä on kokemuksesi kissoista, onko kotona muita lemmikkejä, miksi juuri Maine Coon. Nämä kuvien pennut eivät ole varattavissa, mutta Tammikuun 2023 lopussa voisi pikku Moggeja tulla lisää, mikäli luonto niin suo.

Pennut sivulle

Suunnitelmia /Plans

Brand new Supreme Champion Moggi OrWokki JW DVM and so much more to be happy for in POROk cat Show 10.- 11.12.2022

We had a very lovely weekend in the cat show Kempele. Porok had its usual December show and we had some cats who needed one or two certifications to get the next titles. Was super nice to have time to chat with friends and one happy thing was that Moggi was Best In Show breeder on both days.

Saturday Moggi OrWokki became Supreme Champion and she was also Best In Variety (tot) in a very high-class competition. Then she was Nominated for Best In Show by judge Marina Vinkel. Sunday was pretty much the same, but different judge Martti Peltonen. We were so happy!! Biggest thanks to Toni who helped Saara to show this girl, and what an amazing job he did on both days. Sunday we also were lucky to have Satu as steward, she presented our grumpy lady so beautifully.

Moggi Wanna Bee Honey needed two certifications in group 7 to become the International Champion and she did it! Saturday judge was Anne Paloluoma and Sunday she was judged (pampered) by Caroline Stoa. So we had also a new International Champion to go home with!

I was also very lucky to see and meet other Moggi cats and their families. All of them got new titles. PR Moggi Nekku The Numa became Internatonal Premior. Nekku was also Best In Variety on both days. Moggi Xania Namia became Premior, Moggi Vilja became International Premior and Moggi Iida Rönttönen became International Champion. I Love You all!

So there you see why it was such a lovely weekend with cats and their owners. Wish You were there too 🙂

Turku cat show 27.11.2022

We had to travel to Turku, even though we last time decided that Turku is way too far for us.

Well, we enjoyed everything. We met our cat show friends 🙂

CH Moggi Wanna Bee Honey won her certifications and was nominated for Best In Show by Romero Aliosha.

GIC Moggi OrWokki JW DVM got her CACS certifications and enjoyed her holiday in Turku as her usual way 🙂

One very happy and joyful Caturday on catshow Seinäjoki 3.9.2022(POH-KIS)

In this 2 certificates cat show, Moggi cats got 3 Nominations for Best In Show. Moggi Jam Balaya, Moggi Vilja and Moggi Nekku the Num !!! Everyone had excellent judgments! Thank you owners, of Moggi cats, for these super results again! Quite well-organized douple-certification show, the place was a bit difficult, but there was a nice atmosphere and lovely judges and special thanks to our great stewards. Here are some pics from there.


MCO I / MCO n, FI*Moggi SamppaAnja, 7 (CH), Chadaj Marek, EX1 CACIB

MCO II / MCO n 09, FI*Moggi Wild Black Cherry, 11 (Nuoret), Pacheco Rui, EX1

MCO IV / MCO n 09 22, FI*Moggi Iida Rönttönen, 7 (CH), Krogh Minna, EX1 CACIB

MCO IV / MCO n 09 22, FI*Moggi Vilja, 8 (PR), Krogh Minna, EX1 CAPIB NOM

MCO VI / MCO f 03 24, FI*Moggi Jam Balaya, 1 (SC), Gustaitiene Jurgita, KM NOM

MCO VI / MCO g 09 22, FI*Moggi OrWokki, 3 (GIC), Gustaitiene Jurgita, EX1 CACS

MCO VI / MCO e 09 24, FI*Moggi Nekku the Numa, 8 (PR), Gustaitiene Jurgita, EX1 CAPIB

MCO VI / MCO d 09 24, FI*Moggi Van Ilja, 10 (KAS), Gustaitiene Jurgita, EX1 CAP


MCO I / MCO n, FI*Moggi SamppaAnja, 7 (CH), Eek Magnusson Iréne, EX1 CACIB

MCO II / MCO n 09, FI*Moggi Wild Black Cherry, 11 (Nuoret), Eek Magnusson Iréne, EX1

MCO IV / MCO n 09 22, FI*Moggi Iida Rönttönen, 7 (CH), Fonsén Mira, EX1 CACIB

MCO IV / MCO n 09 22, FI*Moggi Vilja, 8 (PR), Fonsén Mira, EX1 CAPIB

MCO VI / MCO f 03 24, FI*Moggi Jam Balaya, 1 (SC), Kudra Magdalena, KM

MCO VI / MCO g 09 22, FI*Moggi OrWokki, 3 (GIC), Kudra Magdalena, EX1 CACS

MCO VI / MCO e 09 24, FI*Moggi Nekku the Numa, 8 (PR), Kudra Magdalena, EX1 CAPIB NOM

MCO VI / MCO d 09 24, FI*Moggi Van Ilja, 10 (KAS), Kudra Magdalena, EX1 CAP

Moggi OrWokki Distinguished Variety Merit and Grand International Champion

🥳It is official😻, Etna = GIC FI*Moggi OrWokki JW DVM 🥳. She got the title Grand International Champion on Saturday 23.7.2022 when she was Best of Best on MCO Breed BIS show and the next day she got the title Distinguished Variety Merit(ten times Best In Variety). I’m so happy 🥰

All results for Moggi cats from MCO Breed BIS cat show

We had the most exciting weekend in Lahti SUROK cat show 23.7.2022 – 24.7.2022. There were about 120 Maine Coons on Saturday’s Breed BIS show, a super atmosphere. I will never forget the magic and drama of it. I’m proud of every Moggi baby who was there and more proud I’m of their super owners and homes. Thank you loved ones. Also, it was great to see so many friends after a long time. Very happy weekend with family and friends. Congratulations to Nekku for Premior title and we are also very happy for our new International Champion Noppa.

Saturday 23.7.2022 Maine Coon Breed BIS; Moggi second best breeder

❤️SC Moggi Jam Balaya, KM

❤️IC Moggi OrWokki JW, EX1 CAGCIB BIV NOM and BEST IN SHOW with all votes! and BEST OF BEST!!! (votes 2/1) => Grand International Champion

❤️CH Moggi Nonparelli Elli EX1 CACIB

❤️CH Moggi SamppaAnja EX1 CACIB

❤️Moggi Nekku the Numa EX1 CAP Nominaton for BEST IN SHOW

❤️Moggi Wonton Wolfie Ex1

❤️Moggi Wanna Bee Honey Ex1

❤️Moggi Xania Namia Ex 2

❤️Moggi Xenja Loora Ex 2

Sunday 24.7.2022;

❤️SC Moggi Jam Balaya KM

❤️GIC Moggi OrWokki JW EX1 CACS BIV NOM => DVM

❤️CH Moggi Nonparelli Elli EX1 CACIB => International Champion

❤️CH Moggi SamppaAnja EX1 CACIB

❤️Moggi Nekku the Numa EX1 CAP => Premior

❤️Moggi Wonton Wolfie Ex1

❤️Moggi Wanna Bee Honey Ex 3

❤️Moggi Xania Namia Ex 2

❤️Moggi Xenja Loora Ex 1

IC Moggi OrWokki JW – BEST OF BEST – Maine Coon 23.7.2022 in Breed BIS cat show.

After a long break, we had Breed BIS in Finland 23.7.2022. Our Maine Coon club worked hard to make it more memorable than ever because it was actually part of a club’s 30-year party(2021). SUROK had perfect surroundings and the day was literally HOT.

The competition was known to be tough so best in variety and the nomination from Michael Edström was a lovely surprise.

Best In Show Moggi OrWokki won with all votes from three wise men, Veikko Saarela, Youssef Khaled and Michael Edström. We were high and happy :). Best of Best among all BIS winners came with votes 2/1. Thank you, judges. There were about 120 Finnish maine coons in this competition, so the result is even more delicious than any other BIS ever.

Biggest thank’s to You Saara and your family for super care and for presenting her so beautifully!

Show vuosi 2021 sijoituksia

Itä-Suomen rotukissayhdistyksen vuoden kissa kilpailussa IC Moggi OrWokki JW on vuoden 2021 paras naaras. Toisena heti perässä SC Moggi Jam Balaya. Itä-Suomen rotukissayhdistyksen vuoden 2021 paras nuori on Moggi Unelma Torttu. Moggi toiseksi paras kasvattaja. MCO rotuyhdistyksessä OrWokki oli kolmas ja Jam Balaya viides. Unelma oli toiseksi paras nuori naaras. Moggi Vilja kolmanneksi paras naaras pentu ja Valdelma Veera saman sarjan viides. Ole Karkki hienosti viidentenä siitosuros sijoituksissa ja Kimi Räiskäle seitsemäs. Onnea Iiris Kohvee sijoitus naaras sijasta neljä. Kasvattajana sijoituimme sijalle kuusi. Porokin vuoden kissa kilpailuun jäi ilmoittautumatta :).

Tyngästä näyttelyvuodesta huolimatta saatiin Jamppa valmistumaan Supreme Championiksi ja Etnalle muutama jännittävä BIS voitto ja paljon hienoja Moggi arvosteluja.

Best adult female Itä-Suomen rotukissayhdistys 2021
Moggi Unelma Torttu Best young Itä-Suomen rotukissayhdistys 2021