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Fosterhome /Sijoituksessa


International Champion FI*Moggi Ginger Ale a Jakta Est, for friends and family she is Vicky, Vikkan, Kiki (MCO n 03 22)


Vicky, age 5 months


age 4 weeks


This little girl charmed me from very first moment when she was born. She is super happy and innovative little creature who thinks that whole world exists for her. With big interest we are waiting future.

She has moved to her new loving home.

Pawpeds – Sukutaulu


International Champion FI*Moggi Ice Dream,  for friends and family she is Hetta, Hemuli (MCO ns 09 22)

Ice Dream


I hoped female with this color.  My fortune was that Ice Dream has other great qualities too.


She has moved to her new loving home.






FI* Moggi Jam Balaya (MCO f 03 24) PawPeds

Our newest baby to stay in our breeding was born 21.12.2017. She has moved to her loving home.

Jam Balaya 3 kk ja viikko



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