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Promising Princess!

First catshow for our FI* Moggi Fanni Sapuska

We had very nice first cat show for our kitten FI* Moggi Fanni Sapuska in Lapua. Saturday she was nominated for best in show by Italian judge Cristiano Federico Sandon. Sunday she was a bit more shy and did not relax as well as her mom, but still she was braver than her father ever. I think and hope that we just need more practice. Thank you POH-KIS for this great, well organized event in spacey room.


Sweet sweet baby

This baby girl is super lovely by her temper. Very happy kitten and gives many delightful moments for us every single day. Start’s usually about 4:30 am, has long day naps and then when evening comes, suddenly little tornado is going around the house and catrun again.



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  1. Marita Jansson sanoo:

    Hienoa, upeeta, mahtavaa…



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